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Photographing the Winter Landscape

As old man winter is rattling on your front door and windows, howling for attention, and marking his visit by covering your driveway with an “I was here” memento, you may well be inclined to hibernate until the weather is more conducive to photography. After all, what is there to photograph on a flat, snow covered surface? Well, actually, tons. In fact, you may even have the admirers of your photographs believe you traveled to far away places in the deep arctic, capturing gigantic ice and snow formations that don’t exist “back home.” Continue reading.....

Siberian Tigers Take Down and Chew Up Drone

What happens when you combine ferocious Siberian tigers with modern technology? Bouncing, pouncing, and even a bit of trouncing. Video footage of a habitat for these rare felines in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province shows them meandering about until they catch sight of a drone with a camera buzzing around.

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